Preparing your Home
As stated, previously, getting your home ready to sell can vary greatly depending on your needs and the demands of the marketplace. Here are a few suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list but will give you an idea of some of the actions current sellers have engaged to improve the marketability of their homes. It is important to discuss your plans and options with your real estate salesperson to make sure you are adding value to your home from a marketability perspective.

  • Renovating Prior to Listing: This can be something as simple as freshening up the walls with a coat of paint or updating your door knobs and lighting with more contemporary styles all the way to major renovations like installing a new kitchen, bathroom or hardwood floors. This can be a costly and time consuming approach. Working with your real estate salesperson you will be able to access the offerings comparable homes for sale or sold and the effect renovations will have on your home’s appeal and selling price. Not all renovations have an equal or greater financial return when your selling your home.
  • Enhancing Curb Appeal: Next to location the buyer’s first impressions can be the difference between interest and disinterest even prior to opening the front door. Attention to this detail can be as simple as keeping the grass cut to planting flowers and painting your fence and deck. It will not matter how beautiful the home is on the inside if they cannot get based their first impression of the exterior.
Seller's Home Inspection
As a seller you may want to avoid any surprises after an offer has been accepted conditional on home inspection. A home inspection in hand can provide you with a level of comfort and allow you to make any repairs prior to any offers from buyers.

Home Staging
In a nutshell “staging” is preparing your home to have as much interior appeal as possible. The range of staging varies and is based on the need and condition of the home. It can be as simple as a thorough cleaning and the elimination of clutter to the renting of furniture to fill empty rooms in a home. The options are endless and your real estate sales representative will be able to provide you with an informed assessment of what is needed to your home in the best possible light. No two homes are alike and neither are their “staging” requirements.

Preparing for an Open House
A properly planned and implemented open house can successfully generate serious interest in your home. Your real estate sales person will provide you with the tips in preparing for the Open House that enhance the open house experience in your home. You want the visitor to picture themselves and their families living in this home. Some simple suggestions will be making the rooms bright and airy by opening blinds and windows and turning on lights. You should always be provided feedback about the home so you adjust to the needs of potential buyers.

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