Why Real Estate Now?
I want to thank you for the privilege of serving our community as the Member of Parliament for Burlington. It was an honor to represent and assist with the concerns of the residents for over 22 years as the Member of Parliament and as a City Councilor for our City.

You provided me the opportunity to contribute to the quality of life that we enjoy in our community. I strived to meet my commitments to you responsibly, thoroughly and with integrity. I love our City and the people that make it the number one mid-sized city in Canada.

Many have asked “What will be my next career path?” There was no question that I wanted to continue to serve and care for the residents of Burlington.

After your family and their health, your home is the most important part of your life. It is where you do most of your living, through shared good and tough times. Therefore, after many hours of personal reflection, I have decided to pursue a career in residential real estate.

As a realtor, I will provide the trusted, transparent and timely service that you would expect and deserve in dealing with your critical real estate assets. If I can be of any assistance, now or in the future, please contact me.